Athletes Performances:


Camille (Right) represented Singapore at WALA 2016 (Singapore)

(Picture taken during WALA 2016)


Samuel (Left) represented Singapore at WALA 2016 (Singapore)

(Picture taken during National Junior 2016)


Mukund and Aryan achieved 1st and 2nd respectively for 100m in Global International Indian School

Mukund achieved Sports Excellence 2016 presented by Global International Indian School




What Experts Say:


During his time working with us, Yaopeng has impressed me as a goal oriented coach and trainer. If you want to achieve your fitness goals and are focused, Yaopeng is the right person to take you through the process. He will take the time to understand your lifestyle and needs in order to create a realistic yet challenging training programme, specially tailored for you.

Hansen Bay

Programme Director

Athlete Development

Yao Peng is meticulous in his approach as a coach/trainer.

He emphasizes greatly on good technique and incorporate the latest knowledge into his training regime. Progress is likely assured under his guidance.

Melvin Tan

Former National (Athletics) Sprints and Relay Coach (2010-2014)


What Athletes Say:

10572063_10203144778912678_3369008673717080068_oPhoto: Eric Lim SC

I can run but never knew all these subtle changes/adjustments to my sprinting techniques by Coach Lim have provided huge improvements to my overall sprint performance as a winger. He has been really meticulous and specific in providing feedback from Starts, Acceleration and Max Speed. More importantly, these relevant cues have helped me in my sport and now I dare say I can sprint.

Bryan Ng

Singapore Rugby 7s (Vice Captain)


What They Say:


During the 6 weeks of training with him under the MaxTrim program, I have benefited in many ways both physically and mentally. I have established increased body awareness, coordination, strength and have become mentally stronger. This is all credited to his dedication, energy, patience, and the way he motivates me. In addition to that, Yao Peng is a charming and friendly personal trainer who has a sense of humour that brightens up the sessions. Lastly, I am also convinced by him that “there is no such thing as I can’t! “. I will definitely consider pursuing further training with him.

Katharine, 25

Part Time Model and Student


Lim Yao Peng is a excellent coach for motivation and get discipline in your workouts. He cares many details for training programme with a wide range of variety of exercises according to your expectations. His skills and experience provide a great satisfaction in order to settle my goals with clear results. His character and positive thinking are spectacular making you comfortable and confident to look further your own limits.

Miguel Vélez
a r c h i t e c t

Yishun Town Secondary School MaxForm
Photo: Yishun Town Secondary School

In order to prepare for the Combined School Sports Meet last Friday (22nd July), we had to go for a several training sessions which started in April! The coach that was assigned to us was very patient and took care of our welfare. The training sessions were also enriching as we learnt a lot of new things! He did not focus only on physical training, but taught us new technique and mental training too! We are proud to have represented our school for this Sports Meet and would do it all over again!

Samuel and Leon